The studios pictured below are currently available or will soon become available. 

b[x] Policy:

Our policy is first come, first served. Studios range from 80 square feet to 360 square feet / 24.4 square meter to 109.7 square meter and have 9 to 14 foot ceilings / 2.74 to 4.27 meter ceilings.

In order to secure a studio, a security deposit, equal to one month’s rent needs to be placed on a studio. Once a security deposit is received, b[x] will take the studio off the market for a maximum of 30 days. You will still need to complete a lease/license agreement for your membership to be accepted and for you to move in. Should you change your mind after remitting a deposit but before signing your agreement, b[x] will return your security deposit less a pro rata deduction for the period from the time you made the deposit until you gave notice of cancellation. In the event we do not accept your application for membership after you have submitted your deposit (which we may do for any reason or no reason at all), we will refund your security deposit in full.

b[x] Lease Terms: We offer 3 lease terms:  1 year, 6 month and month-to-month
(three month minimum).

b[x] Requirement: We require first month’s rent, last month’s rent, a security deposit equal to one month’s rent and a key deposit prior to move in. The security deposit secures the studio, then in order to get keys prior to move in, the remainder of the payments must be made. No exceptions.

b[x] reserves the right to change its Policy, Lease Terms, or Requirements at any time.

Have questions? Please call: (347) 762-8588. Thank you