3:00 PM15:00

Nozco Community Mural

b[x] artist Espartaco in collaboration with IS 349 2nd Annual Community School Forum & Festival

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to May 25

Feel curated by Brooklyn Film Camera

Feel. Simple, yet a word that holds much depth. To feel is something that is explored and interpreted in endless ways by all of us every day. How one feels about themselves, about those around them, about their community, their world, their reality; these sensitivities are constantly in flux. As we navigate an increasingly divided society, a polarized political landscape, the dehumanizing affects of late-stage Capitalism, and an increasing addiction to screens, we must fight the inevitable, soothing urge for numbness. To feel numb is to lose feeling and we must always remember how to feel. How to wholeheartedly and earnestly *feel*. It is our humanity. It is our heartbeat. This show will feature Polaroid work from 12 artists that explore this theme. Imagery that explores closeness, humanity, community, and love. These times beg for warmth. Let's feel it.

Call for submissions:

Facebook event: 

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to Apr 6


  Existence  February 2 - March 9 Opening reception: Friday, February 2, 6-9pm  + How do you show your existence to the world?  + What validates your existence?  + Can you lose your existence?  + Is death the end of existence?   Artists:    Rodrigo Moreira    Alexis Price    Negin Sharifzadeh

February 2 - March 9
Opening reception: Friday, February 2, 6-9pm

+ How do you show your existence to the world?

+ What validates your existence?

+ Can you lose your existence?

+ Is death the end of existence?


Rodrigo Moreira

Alexis Price

Negin Sharifzadeh

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Dheeko ABR: Peace Bridge
to Jan 19

Dheeko ABR: Peace Bridge

I communicate and express my ideas using colors and shapes. These colors and shapes interpret ideas I have about beauty, nature, my life experience, and the world. I primarily use acrylic and oil paint on large scale canvas to express my thoughts and emotions.

There is one main reason fine art is my chosen profession and that is because it is the best way for me to communicate with society. There are numerous messages I’d like to convey to the world and painting is the best platform for me to do that. 

Most of these messages about nature and my surroundings come from my observations  memories from my childhood, my take on current events and my general perspective on beauty. Beauty is one of the most important themes of my work and it is reflected by the colors that I use. The colors I use are natural, solid colors like green, turquoise, brown and blue.... I also use colors as a means to experiment with my work and to progress as an artist. This experimental process with colors gives me an idea as to which set of colors I should or should not use for my next painting. 

Overall, I have gained plenty of life experience growing up in Africa, living in Canada and residing currently in the United States to address the topics I have mentioned. I continue to work on my art as I blend topical issues with its autobiographical nature. I consider fine art to be great tool for visual journalism.  

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Fragmento, In-Process
to Dec 8

Fragmento, In-Process

Fragmento, In-Process

Curated by Tatiane Schilaro


Alice Quaresma, Bia Monteiro, Gustavo Prado, Julia Brandão, Júlia Pontés, Mateu Velasco, Vitoria Hadba

Fragmento, In-Process presents seven Brazilian artists articulating notions of fragmentation and proliferation in their work: Alice Quaresma, Bia Monteiro, Gustavo Prado, Julia Brandão, Júlia Pontés, Mateu Velasco and Vitoria Hadba. These artists use photography, sculpture, textiles, printmaking, and photomontage to juxtapose peculiar shapes, textures, objects,
landscapes, bodies, and characters.

In Vitoria Hadba’s prints, lines lead our eyes outside the picture plane, while gaps between the photographs from Julia Pontés’ series, Pig Iron, indicate the suspended space in which the artist’s performative body becomes a “void.” In Bia Monteiro’s photographs “tropicalness” is only suggested. Instead of capturing images of palm trees and foliage––the stereotypical idea of Brazilianness––Monteiro’s dialogue between the natural and the artificial is established through residue of modern architecture.

It is also within the Brazilian urban spaces that Mateu Velasco situates his proliferation of forms and themes; his street-art-inspired characters could just as well have inhabited public walls such as the modern fragments found in Monteiro’s work. On the other hand, Julia Brandão’s proliferations are repurposed from the fashion world and retain the dynamism of urban life; these sculptural textiles breed knots, earrings, buttons, and fringes, resulting in a relationship with an adorned, but implicit body.

The implicit body is also explored by Alice Quaresma, whose practice describes photography and painting as in-process mediums, eschewing traditional readings of landscape and abstraction. Both Quaresma and Gustavo Prado trigger recollections of the most famous narrative in Brazilian art history: neo-concretism. Prado’s Contortionist series consists of flexible loop-like sculptures made to be handled and reconfigured, an homage to Brazilian Lygia Clark’s participatory works, which emerged from neo- concretism. These processes, based on the articulation of proliferation and/or fragmentation, can be understood as ways of re-accessing notions of Brazil. But in these works, Brazil is not idealized; it is not marked as a site for an expat’s nostalgia, instead it is a place to be reimagined, regurgitated,
multiplied, and recollected.

Produced by AnnexB and b[x] Gallery, Fragmento, In-Process is curated by Tatiane Schilaro.

About AnnexB
Acknowledging the importance of cultural and transnational exchanges to increase the diversity in contemporary art, Larissa Ferreira founded AnnexB, the first organization ever based in New York to offer arts management, programming, and an art residency exclusively for Brazilian artists. Since its inception, AnnexB has presented the work of 34 Brazilian artists in New York, with 8 of them participating in the residency program. The art projects include: murals, exhibitions, installations, live painting events, performances, workshops, book launches, as well as numerous visits to the atelier.

About Tatiane Schilaro
Tatiane Schilaro is a Brazilian-born art writer, an adjunct faculty at the San Francisco Art Institute, and a Ph.D. student in Visual Studies at the University of California Santa Cruz. She graduated in 2015 from the Art Criticism and Writing Master’s Program at the School of Visual Arts, and has an MA in Art History, Contemporary Art. In 2015, she coauthored the book Contemporary Art in Brazil (Edições Pinakotheke, Rio de Janeiro). She has curated shows in São Paulo (Fundação Pró-Memória), Quito (FLASCO), and in Brooklyn, N.Y. (A.I.R. Gallery). Her essays and reviews have been published by Guernica, ARTNews, Artcritical, Hyperallergic, LatinxSpaces and NewCityBrazil. She was a curatorial intern at El Museo del Barrio, the Museum of Modern Art, and at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Tatiane
is AnnexB’s Creative Director.

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to Oct 28

Nari Kim

"My work creates absolute, non-hierarchical situations. In that way, I hope my audiences see/experience absolute, non-hierarchical situations which they might never experience in their everyday lives, and I hope these experiences have a positive effect on their lives.

Hierarchy and sign are social byproducts which are derived from a male-dominated history. Because signs decide the class structure between objects and persons, I attempt to erase or decontextualize sign in objects. I indiscriminately aggregate objects which are defined by a male-dominated society. I interpret these objects democratically, and assemble these objects for female-centered situations. I see objects and images as phenomena which need to be broken down. "

See ArtSlant interview here

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1:00 PM13:00

Nozco with kids

NOZCO : a workshop for the kids

in collaboration with the arts department of SCO Family of Services


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Nozco: an Imaginary Universe
to Sep 8

Nozco: an Imaginary Universe

Espartaco Albornoz
with Natalia Lima

July 21 - September 8
Opening reception: Friday, July 21st, 6-9pm

**the show will include workshops and discussions around the topic of community. Please follow our Facebook and Instagram for updates! 

Saturday, August 5th at 11am
a workshop for the kids

Refreshments will be served

203 Harrison Pl. BK
Please RSVP at:


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Christopher Willauer: "It Is You Who Awakens Me"
to Jul 14

Christopher Willauer: "It Is You Who Awakens Me"

Christopher Willauer

"It Is You Who Awakens Me"


OPENING RECEPTION:  Friday, June 2nd, 6-9PM

EXHIBITION: June 2 - July 14

I believe in a language of the body. A form that communicates and separates, full of intricate scars and wrinkles that read as prose, detachment and secretion that remind us of our materiality, holes and pits that demonstrate a constant hunger. Bodies are a place of experience and experimentation. 

Working through performance, sculpture, and video I conceptually engage with the body in a ritualistic and reverent manner. In my practice, the body functions both formally and conceptually as an exploration of anxieties, sorrows, pleasures, longings, eroticism, and queerness. These and other points of inquiry have become embedded within my perception of bodies and self. 

Motivated by a radical tenderness and strange love, I hope to expose myself to initiate a communal intimacy. The universality of bodies creates an opportunity to explore emotions and create visceral experiences in an inclusive manner. This ubiquity allows physicality to exist as a means of depicting what is felt. 

I have a fascination with the grotesque, repressed, pleasurable, and shameful; this serves as motivation to explore the roots of each and how they are entangled within ourselves. Within this entanglement, issues of identity are brought into question and force the viewer to examine his/her degree of comfort or discomfort. Initiated by an exploration of self, it is my hope that this examination of comfort evolves into new questions and understandings. I am particularly interested in the power of the abject and our power of adaptability; the confrontation of our body’s materiality and the tools developed to cope with our endless questions. 

Bodies exist in a social construct of high standards and stigmas, motivating shame and repression. I investigate the authority of my own body in relationship to my reaction of its origin. 

Our bodies are the one living thing we will always know but while we are also passive in its construction we become active in its performance. It is time to reclaim our bodies.

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June Open Studios
12:00 PM12:00

June Open Studios

Join Us!

Friday, June 2nd, 12-9pm

Here's a chance to meet and connect with the artist in their studio. Ask questions about their process. Support and buy affordable work. Mingle and network with our creative community.

+ Art

+ New art on the Affordable Art Wall.

+ Awesome local snacks and beverages  

+ Live music

+ Opening reception for the Christopher Willauer exhibition in the gallery that evening starting at 6pm.

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[x] outdoor gallery project: communication
to Oct 1

[x] outdoor gallery project: communication





Hayley Anderson, Kakeru Asai, Julie Gratz, Kumi Hirose, Natalia LimaShaun O’Conner, Caty Wooley



  • the imparting or exchanging of information or news.
  • means of connection between people or places, in particular.


  • Do you feel responsible for how others interpret what you communicate?
  • What are the differences between nonverbal and verbal communication? How does that affect the way you communicate?
  • How is expression related to communication?
  • Do you personally have to believe in what you communicate?
  • What is a world like without communication?


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6:00 PM18:00


It's time to celebrate the hard work. Relax and enjoy the company of your fellow creatives.

In addition, our friends at Squirrelz will be joining us again for fabric swap!

Clean out your fabric stash and start swapping, people!

Bring along all of your excess fabrics, leftover trimmings, extra beads and trade them with others. Join us for good music, some wine (yes, we got few complementary bottles of red but we highly encourage you to BYOB ;P ) and get inspired by other creatives' materials! Let's give these leftover materials a second life, and come find the hidden gems in other people's fabric stash.


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to May 26



“Anything with dice is a game of Chance”

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, April 14th, 6-9pm

EXHIBITION: April 14 - May 19


Marissa Crider

Rachel Cuyler

Emily Oliveira

Linda Schmidt

Michael Serafino

Morgan Winter



  • a possibility of something happening.
  • the occurrence and development of events in the absence of any obvious design

  • fortuitous; accidental

Questions asked at our group meeting:

  • How does one play with chance?
  • Can you cheat chance?
  • Is it still chance if someone knows the outcome?
  • Is “second chance” taking chance within a chance?
  • Are we living in a world of Chance?

A few standout points:


  • = risk??

  • Increase probability = increase possibility

  • Chance and responsibility

  • Luck vs Chance

  • Being born = chance = luck?

  • Closing off chances

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Imaginary Tiles | Vanessa Rosa
to Apr 9

Imaginary Tiles | Vanessa Rosa

Vanessa Rosa's Imaginary Tiles installation presents itself as an encounter between visual arts, architecture, new technologies and historical heritage. Vanessa has been developing a research about algorithmic images and traditional ornamentations from Portuguese, Islamic and West African cultural groups.

As a visual artist and art historian, she creates projects that mixture public art, community activities, technological experiments and historical research.

Vanessa has worked as project coordinator for different organizations and is an illustrator and art director for Viajante do Tempo. She has a deep interest in collaboration projects and in understanding other cultures. She has already participated in mural paintings, exhibitions and other projects in different countries across America and Europe.

Supported by AnnexB and Brooklyn Brush.


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to Mar 10


  • 203 Harrison Place Brooklyn, NY, 11237 United States (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS


"Does information only exist within a medium?"

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, January 27th, 7-9pm

EXHIBITION: January 27 - March 10


Ekaterina Aksenova

Nina Clayton

Devin Hardy

Nikolina Kovalenko


Christopher Willauer



  • the communication or reception of knowledge or intelligence
  • knowledge obtained from investigation, study, or instruction

Questions asked at our group meeting:

  • Does information only exist within a medium?
  • How does consciousness relate to information?
  • Is information only valid when there is a receiver?
  • Are we ourselves information?
  • Can information be deleted?

A few standout points:


  • is an evolution
  • needs to be activated
  • is a bridge for connection
  • is in a vessel stretched in certain ways over time and space


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Every Last Wednesday: Happy Hour with Squirrelz
6:30 PM18:30

Every Last Wednesday: Happy Hour with Squirrelz

It's time to celebrate the hard work. Relax and enjoy the company of your fellow creatives.

In addition, our friends at Squirrelz will be joining us! Come and discover a brand new way of designing on the cheap at this month's Happy Hour Mixer! Founder Bunny Yan will introduce her free material sharing app and show you new ways to create, without breaking the bank! Tap directly into the designer community around you and start claiming materials with the Squirrelz app.

Join us

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to Dec 9


OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, November 4th, 7-9pm

EXHIBITION: November 4 - December 9


Carolina Arevalo 

Liene Bosque

Maureen Hoon

Jeremiah Jones

Jean Cesar Villalon



  • not valid or legally binding, null
  • a completely empty space

Questions asked at our group meeting:

  • If you’re in a void, would you know you’re in a void?
  • Can a void be a physical entity? or is it perception?
  • Can you control the void?
  • What color is a void?

A few standout points:

Void is..

  • another state of reality, a dream
  • a journey
  • a place where rules are bended
  • a potential for transition, secret routes
  • denying something
  • infinite connectedness

"I feel there might be some hints that you're going into another state of reality.." - Carolina

"When we're staring at a void or saying there's a void, we're actually saying this empty unknown is a part of's inside of us." - Jeremiah

"There is an underlying yearning to be connected..I think deep down there is that yearning to go beyond our own individual experience." - Maureen

"There is a period in between, like this period that you are in limbo that's death. It's like this complete absence of everything, there is no air there is no life there is nothing but yet you are there" - JC

Show specifications:

  • create something new based on group dialogue
  • 1 - 2 pieces per artist
  • use a medium different from what is usual in the artist's practice
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