b[x]2 was established in 2011. As with all b[x] properties, all amenities are included in the rent unless otherwise stated.

Key Features

Package Concierge Service

Your time as members is important to us.  We understand that sometimes your schedule prevents you from receiving an important package to possibly finishing a project.  The b[x] Package Concierge Service is there for you.  Any package (FedEx, UPS, USPS) will be signed for by our Building Manager on weekdays from 9:30am - 5:30pm.  Then a note will be placed on your door stating a package is waiting for you in the concierge office, which is open weekdays 9:30am-5:30pm. 

Packages are delivered and received at the 362 Jefferson Street address. Mail is delivered and picked up daily on weekdays by our building manager at the 347 Troutman Street address and placed in your mailbox.

Roof Deck

The b[x]2 roof deck was created to provide a temporary escape from the urban environment we work, play and live in.  Sometimes a quiet place under a beautiful sky, day or night is a great place to regroup and recharge your batteries. Every four to five months this area is also often used for our regularly scheduled meet and greets where members get to know their neighbors.

Kitchen  /  Lounge

The b[x]2 kitchen / lounge has two sinks, a microwave, a bulletin board for local menus and events, seating for 7 and a full occupancy of 12.  The kitchen / lounge is air conditioned with an extractor fan over the microwave. Every four to five months this area is also often used for our regularly scheduled meet and greets where members get to know their neighbors.

Conference Room

The b[x]2 Conference Room is made available to members to meet with clients outside their studio. This conference room on the second floor can accommodate 6-8 people. An LCD screen is also available to connect your laptop for presentations.


All Features

  1. Code compliant building.

  2. 1/2 Block to the L subway @ Jefferson stop.

  3. Surrounded by 15 Cafes, Restaurants, bars, coffee shops and 24hr organic supermarket, all within 1-3 blocks.

  4. 24hr recorded security cameras throughout all common areas, stairs and outside of building.

  5. 24hr Passenger/Freight elevator access.

  6. Entrance on two streets (362 Jefferson Street and 347 Troutman Street).

  7. Eat-in Kitchen area with ample seating on 3rd floor with microwave and two sinks.

  8. Cleaning service for all common areas, bathrooms and kitchen.

  9. WiFi and Utilities included, hardwired internet also available for a separate fee.

  10. Hot water at every faucet.

  11. Large slop sink area with counters on each floor.

  12. Eco lighting in all common areas (hallways, bathrooms and kitchen).

  13. Participation in several Open studios throughout the year as well as our Gallery at 203 Harrison place

  14. Month-to-month membership flexibility.

  15. All new, Modern clean bathrooms all with ADA compliant handicap stalls.

  16. Onsite Super/Management weekdays 9:30 - 5:30.

  17. Package receiving concierge service weekdays 9:30 - 5:30, with mail area at the main entrance.

  18. Indoor bike storage area on 1st floor (Troutman side).

  19. Conference Room that seats 6-8, with table, chairs, whiteboard, 40" LCD TV.

  20. Privacy booth / cell phone booth.

  21. Central AC on 3rd floor.

  22. Storage closets also available from 40cf ($30/mo) to 62cf ($35/mo) not included in base membership.

  23. Amazing Roof Deck with nighttime lighting and plenty of seating.