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Connecting Distance: Body Casting Workshop with Christopher Willauer

  • Brooklyn Brush 203 Harrison Place Brooklyn, NY, 11237 United States (map)

Project Description

The interest of the body castings I create is not with the intent to recreate the human form but rather to give form to the space between bodies, environments and objects. The process of these castings is to pour plaster directly onto the bodies and the surrounding area. This process creates ambiguous bodily forms that capture details of the body while also giving form to the space between. It is this space that separates bodies that ultimately connects them, every separation serving as a link. With the body functioning as the mold, these castings become a monumentalization of the space between bodies

I am interested in the moments of intimacy that are forged and materialized through the casting process. Whether it is between strangers, fellow classmates, or family, these moments of molded stillness give form to this space and allow for this connecting distance to be actualized.


Later Event: November 4