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Endings and Beginnings

  • BROOKLYN BRUSH 203 Harrison Place Brooklyn, NY, 11237 United States (map)


OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, September 16th, 7-9pm

EXHIBITION: September 16 - October 21


Espartaco Albornoz

Daniela Gomez

Shaun O'Connor

Mariana Soares

Seldon Yuan


About the theme: Endings and Beginnings

  • the point in time or space at which something starts
  • the furthest part or point of something

Questions asked at our group meeting:

Which comes first, the ending or the beginning?

Is there a difference between the two?

Is an ending also a beginning and is a beginning also an ending?

A few standout points we came to:

Endings and Beginnings 

+ are relative

+ they are continuous

+ linear vs circular

+ beginnings = first time

+ overlapping

Show specifications:

+ create something new

+ 1 - 2 pieces per artist

+ use a medium different from what is usual in the artist's practice