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Dheeko ABR: Peace Bridge

  • b[x] 203 Harrison Place Brooklyn, NY, 11237 United States (map)

I communicate and express my ideas using colors and shapes. These colors and shapes interpret ideas I have about beauty, nature, my life experience, and the world. I primarily use acrylic and oil paint on large scale canvas to express my thoughts and emotions.

There is one main reason fine art is my chosen profession and that is because it is the best way for me to communicate with society. There are numerous messages I’d like to convey to the world and painting is the best platform for me to do that. 

Most of these messages about nature and my surroundings come from my observations  memories from my childhood, my take on current events and my general perspective on beauty. Beauty is one of the most important themes of my work and it is reflected by the colors that I use. The colors I use are natural, solid colors like green, turquoise, brown and blue.... I also use colors as a means to experiment with my work and to progress as an artist. This experimental process with colors gives me an idea as to which set of colors I should or should not use for my next painting. 

Overall, I have gained plenty of life experience growing up in Africa, living in Canada and residing currently in the United States to address the topics I have mentioned. I continue to work on my art as I blend topical issues with its autobiographical nature. I consider fine art to be great tool for visual journalism.  

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Fragmento, In-Process
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