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[x] outdoor gallery project: communication
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[x] outdoor gallery project: communication





Hayley Anderson, Kakeru Asai, Julie Gratz, Kumi Hirose, Natalia LimaShaun O’Conner, Caty Wooley



  • the imparting or exchanging of information or news.
  • means of connection between people or places, in particular.


  • Do you feel responsible for how others interpret what you communicate?
  • What are the differences between nonverbal and verbal communication? How does that affect the way you communicate?
  • How is expression related to communication?
  • Do you personally have to believe in what you communicate?
  • What is a world like without communication?


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Outdoor Gallery Project: Community
to Dec 1

Outdoor Gallery Project: Community

“I believe that every human being has an understanding of art. What is separating us is smaller than what is unifying us.”  Thomas Hirschhorn


Espartaco Albornoz Abreu

"Through drawing and painting I create an imaginary writing that is complemented by a character who I call NOZCO. Outside of work, Nozco becomes a format to reflect and be part of what happens internally or outside of ourselves. Under this conviction, I release NOZCO from my studio to be out there and be part of the urban visual expression. I create my work under a spontaneous intention, convinced that the most important and rewarding part of creating is when I find that intimacy is between an idea, material and motivation that I discover at the time of the action."


"The works are self-referential and an extension of my continued investigation visually and physically of the beyond. Circle formations are forms of communication that connects all forms of life within our known world and life that exist beyond our atmosphere. Circle communication creates a universally community and inclusivity of the universe."

Sophia Chizuco

"While working on this piece here, I had a wonderful experience. A person who lives on the street told me how he loved my work. He went back to his other friends and discussed about my work. He came back and told me this was a river. He suggested me to paint fish. I explained this was an abstract art and asked him to use his imagination. He said there were 3 fishes swimming and jumping. He also suggested for me to draw a big red bubble. I put a small one for our friendship. He appreciated my work and offered me a soda. This is the one of the reasons I love to paint abstract landscape. Viewers explore their experience, consciousness or unconsciousness, to find where it is."

Marissa Crider

"As eyes are the window into the soul,  living in New York, I have always seen window as a peek into the soul of the people living behind them. People take pride in what they choose to show in their windows, the objects and beliefs they hold dear. Walking around, looking into these nameless vignettes of personality has always made me feel both touched by intimacy and lonely."

Isabelle Ewing
"Uppity Women Unite was inspired by the influential female who help support and grow Brooklyn’s flowing creative energy. Each unique symbol positioned to appear repetitive gives reference to the habitual nature of the people yet consistently changing community. Each layer with thoughtful purpose in hopes to result into a piece that inspires and brings strength to whoever may need it."

Ben Hilario-Caguiat

"A shark needs to constantly move forward to stay alive. Can a friendly shark stay friendly while moving forward within the challenges of an urban community."

Mag Magrela

"My idea is to bring a piece of Brazil to New York and expose the current momentum my home country is going through, without losing hope for better days – after the fire, a new beginning emerges."

Richard Petrucci

Fefa Romanova

"This piece symbolizes growing in a stillness. The characters are in this state of silence, contemplating their own consciousness along days and nights, while the sun and the moon celebrate their self-discovery."


"When thinking about the community of Bushwick many things come to my mind. I have known this neighborhood since 2003-as a resident, teacher and artist. I have seen it change and flourish into one of the most amazing parts of Brooklyn.

One definite aspect that stands out to me about Bushwick, is not only its culturally and artistically rich center but also the fact that it is not a spiritually bankrupt place. These murals are about the idea behind this spiritual awareness."



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