Brooklyn Film Camera: Sunset, Sunrise
to Oct 18

Brooklyn Film Camera: Sunset, Sunrise

To immigrate is both an ending and a beginning. An exit from a life one has always known, and an entrance into a new life of unknown possibility. Immigrants are motivated by a variety of reasons, but one word in particular comes to mind - hope. Immigrants are called many words these days, but one word in particular comes to mind - brave.

Sunset, Sunrise will exhibit work by eight immigrant photographers living in NYC. Their work will be united by it’s creation between the hours of sunset and sunrise; the liminal space between days. It will explore the rich tones of sunset, the darkness of night, and the explosive radiance of morning light. It will explore people, homes, emotions, and beauty. It will explore the many diverse photographic visions of immigrants here in this beautiful city.

This show was conceived by immigrant employees at Brooklyn Film Camera and we welcome immigrants from anywhere in the world who call NYC home to apply.

10% of sales from this show will be donated directly to Make The Road, an immigrant rights organization based right here in Bushwick, Brooklyn. A big thanks to B[x] Spaces for helping make this happen.

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