Q. How do I reserve a workspace after I've taken a tour?

A. A deposit must be placed on a workspace via our payment system That will take the workspace off the market. Should you change your mind before taking possession of the workspace we will return your deposit minus the days the studio was off the market. 

Q. What do I need to become a member?

A. You will need to bring a valid government issued photo ID, your 1st month fee, last months fee, deposit (equal to 1 months fee) and $30 key deposit

Q. What are your membership terms?

A.  All memberships are month-to-month. With a 4 month minimum stay.

Q. How do I terminate my membership?

A. To terminate your membership, simply email us at the address provided in your license agreement.  You must provide at least 30 days notice of your termination and your membership will terminate on the last calendar day of the month following 30 days notice. 

Q: How do I get another set of keys for an employee?

A. You will need 3 things. A copy of a valid government issued ID for that person, the person will need to fill out the extra key policy application and a $30 deposit. See your building manager for the application.

Q. Is there a limit to how many keys a workspace can have?

A. Yes, the maximum we will sign out for any particular studio is up to 3 keys including the license holders.

Q. What happens if I lose my keys?

A. The first time you lose your keys, we will replace the front door key with a second key and you need to replace the $30 deposit you lost upon losing your first set of keys.

If you lose your 2nd set of keys, you will be given a 3rd.  There is a $100 fine for this and all subsequent sets of keys. 

Q. Are your shares available to anyone?

A. Our shares are only for painters. Private studios are available for maker artist And technologists.

Q. I am a photographer and would like to take a studio space and rent it to other photographers on an hourly or daily rental rate. Is that allowed?

A. We do not allow subleasing of any kind., hourly or daily rentals. The space                   is 100% for personal use ONLY. Doing otherwise voids your license agreement.

Q. Can you accommodate Tattoo Artists?

A. No we cannot.

Q. Can you accommodate Music production, rehearsal space, recording studios?

A. No we cannot. Our spaces are not soundtreated.

Q. Can you accommodate woodworkers?

A. No we cannot.

Q. Can you accommodate hair stylists, nail technicians,make up artists?

A. No we cannot.

Q. How do I find out about upcoming events?

A. Most times we will email you in advance of events and also place a note on your main doors or under the doors if possible. You can also check the Gallery Event Page or Sign Up for our Newsletter for future events.

Q. In case of an emergency who do I contact after hours?

A. Depending on the severity of emergency call 911.  Then call our main number (347) 762 - 8588.  Please only call this number after hours if it is really an emergency.  Otherwise see the building manager the following day for all other non-emergency issues.

Q. Once I give notice what am I required to do to get my full deposit back?

A. Return the workspace to its original condition when became a member. Remove anything you may have placed on the walls.  Patch and  sand any holes you may have made.  Scrape any excess material on the floors. If it's just miscellaneous paint, then no worries we will take care of it.  We will paint any small paint marks on the walls.  If you if you repainted your walls, it is your responsibility to return it to the original color. Dispose of any garbage. Only bags can be disposed of on site.  You must remove any large items (i.e. tables, chairs, desks, etc) from the premises at your expense.

Q. Can I live and work in my workspace?

A. Absolutely not. These are strictly work only spaces. The building and fire codes do not allow living in commercial buildings.  It is very specific in our lease and any violation of it will result in immediate termination of your lease and loss of your last months rent and security deposit.

Q. Is WiFi included?

A. Yes, for all locations WiFi is included and, in most, hardwire is available for an additional fee. 

Q. Are utilities included?

A. Yes for all locations utilities are included. Many locations also have central AC.

Q. How often does my membership fee increase and by how much?

A. Fees increase every 12 months of your membership. The increase is 5% annually. (Subject to change.)

Q. Does each studio have its own buzzer?

A. No private buzzers. The exterior buzzer is only for shipping company personnel (UPS, FedEx, USPS etc) to inform building managers of their arrival.

Q. Does b[x] also send out mail or packages?

A. No, b[x] only receives mail and packages. Sending out mail or packages is the individual members responsibility.

Q. What are the hours of the building manager /staff?

A. The building managers and staff are on site M-F, 9:30-5:30. No staff are on site over the weekends.

Q. Can I make payments on the website?

A. You can pay fees here.

Q. How many packages daily am I allowed to receive?

A. We are not a substitute for a shipping and/or receiving staff.  2-3 packages daily is reasonable and acceptable. Otherwise, it is at b[x] management's discretion to decide what is reasonable and fair on a case by case basis.

Q. How many workspaces are currently available and at which location?

A. Please click here for list of available workspcaes.

Q. How often does a workspace become available?

A. The frequency is hard to determine but if you'd like to be one of the first to hear of availability, please sign up for our newsletter.